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1. How long is the quote valid?

Most quotes are valid for 30 days, however, it is best to call our office and speak with your sales representative to make sure.

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2. Do you offer a monthly payment plan?

Each insurance company is different. Some of them do offer monthly payment plans. There can be a nominal fee to utilize their monthly payment plan. Many offer monthly direct debit from your checking account or monthly charge to your credit card plans that do not have an additional fee.  Talk to one of our staff to see what your insurance company has to offer.

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3. What can I do to lower my insurance costs?

Raise deductibles, change coverages.....

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4. Is there any benefit to paying my insurance premium in full?

Most of the auto insurance carriers offer paid in full discounts. This can be a good way to obtain a lower price for your auto insurance.

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5. What can I do to lower my insurance costs?

Review your policy and coverage package with a skilled agent.   Some carriers will discount higher limits of coverage allowing you to get more coverage for less money.

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6. Why do my insurance premiums continue to go up?

Automobile insurance costs rise because the benefits provided in your policy are linked directly to medical costs and legal fees, both of which continue to increase. 

 Home insurance rates increase because Reinsurance costs drive the rates. Reinsurance is what carriers buy to make sure they can pay your claims after a disaster. It is affected by any disasters that happen globally because Reinsurance companies offer reinsurance across the world. 

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7. What is Replacement Cost coverage and why do I need it?

This benefit varies from company to company, so you need to check with your agent to see what your specific policy language says. Generally, Replacement cost coverage on contents buys you a new item for an old item in the event of a loss. 

For example, a $2500, 10-year-old sofa that was ruined from a fire will be replaced with the same like kind and quality sofa that now costs in excess of $4000.   Without replacement cost on contents, the $2500 sofa has been fully depreciated and the payment from the carrier is a minimal amount due to the age of the item and the insured may receive a token payment of around $250.  Not enough to go out and replace the item that was damaged.  

 Replacement cost coverage on the dwelling means they will build the home back in the event of a total loss or at the least provide additional dollar amounts of coverage toward a rebuild if the dwelling was underinsured.

 Replacement Cost Coverage is one area that many agents will remove from your policy in order to give you a lower rate, but it is very important in the event of a loss. You will be very disappointed with the settlement given to you if you do not have replacement cost coverage to give you the funds to rebuild your life after a catastrophic loss.  

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8. What is UM (Uninsured Motorist) Coverage on my Auto policy and why do I need it?

Uninsured Motorist coverage or UMC protects you from the many people who drive our streets with no insurance at all or if they have the state minimum, PIP (Personal injury protection ), and Property damage (Which doesn’t protect you if you are hurt by them).   Carrying this coverage is how you recoup from an accident where the other party fled or had no insurance or didn’t have the right kind of insurance to cover your injuries or injuries to passengers in your vehicle.

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9. What is Medical Payments Coverage on my Auto policy and why do I need it?

This coverage fills in what the State required Personal Injury Protection  (PIP) does not cover.  For example, PIP only pays 80% of your medical bills, carrying Medical Payments on your policy will help to pay the other 20% of the costs for your injuries.  In the State of Florida, your Auto policy coverage is primary so your health insurance will not help you with this shortfall. 

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10. How is the value of my home determined when preparing my quote?

Each insurance company provides its agents with guidelines and a program that calculates what they call your Replacement Cost Estimate (RCE). There are several industry standards and some insurance companies have taken those industry-standard programs and modified them for our area.


Please be aware that the value of your home is not determined by what you could sell it for, what you bought it for or what the Property Tax Assessment Value shows. The insurance company is calculating how much it will cost them to repair or replace your home in the event of a loss, so they are looking at construction costs (labor and materials) as they relate to your specific home. The RCE program asks very detailed questions to come up with this estimate

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11. Can I pay Auto Insurance with my credit card?

Each carrier is different in the payment methods they will accept. Here is some information about our Auto Carriers and the Credit Cards they accept.

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12. Can I pay my Homeowner's Insurance with my credit card?

Each carrier is different. Some homeowners' companies will take credit cards and some only take checks sent to them in the mail. Below is a chart for you to look up your homeowner's insurance carrier.

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13. Why can't I select the dollar value I want to insure my home for?

Each insurance carrier has a calculation system to determine the value for which they will agree to insure your home. Their system takes many factors into account to determine that value.

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14. How do I cancel my policy?

Insurance carriers require a cancellation request with your signature and in some cases proof the home was sold or insured elsewhere in order to cancel the policy for a refund. Contact us to assist you in canceling your policy. It can be found on the Resources Tab under Important Files.

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15. Why do I have to insure my home or commercial building for more than I can sell it for?

The insurance carrier is interested in insuring the structure for the value it would cost the carrier to rebuild it. The selling price of your home could be impacted by location, lot size, etc., but the labor and materials to rebuild the structure are what is used to determine the value your for which your home is insured.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Auto Insurance and our other Products we Provide.

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