File a Claim

We recommend that you DO NOT engage an OUTSIDE ADJUSTER, PUBLIC ADJUSTER OR PRIVATE ADJUSTER. You should file your claim directly with your insurance company and they will assign you an insurance adjuster. An outside adjuster may ask you to sign an agreement that will assign your claim payment rights and will charge you a fee, leaving you without enough money to complete necessary repairs which may make your property uninsurable. After an event such as a hurricane an insurance company may contract with an adjusting firm, however this is not the same as you hiring an adjuster yourself.

As a reminder, it is your responsibility as outlined in your policy to mitigate any damage if possible. For example, if a rock came through your window allowing wind driven rain to come in, you should do what you can do to prevent further damage. Doing nothing to prevent further damage may negate policy coverage. This does not mean that you should take a risk if it is unsafe to make temporary repairs.   

We highly recommend that you take pictures of the damages. If it is an auto accident make sure to take pictures of any other vehicles involved too.

If you have a personal auto or home policy, below is a list of the claims phone numbers for the carriers we represent. Most of the carrier’s claims departments are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Some also have Mobile Apps or the ability to file a claim on their web sites. Check our “Company Links” page by pointing to the Resources Tab to be directed to the insurance company’s web site. If you have a Business Insurance policy, here is a link to a more comprehensive list of claims phone numbers from the State of Florida Office of Insurance Regulations.  Download here!

Allied Insurance (including Depositors Ins)   800-282-1446
American Colonial Insurance   800-459-1690
American Integrity Insurance   866-277-9871
American Strategic Insurance   866-274-5677
Anchor Insurance Company   844-365-5588
Avatar Insurance Company   877-233-3237
Bankers Insurance Group   800-765-9700
Bristol West Insurance (Foremost)   800-274-7865
Citizens Property & Casualty Insurance   866-411-2742
Cypress Property & Casualty Insurance   888-352-9773
Edison Insurance Company   888-683-7971
Elements Property Insurance Co   866-709-8749
Federated National Ins Co   800-293-2532
Florida Family Insurance Co   888-486-4663
Florida Peninsula Insurance Co   866-549-9672
Foremost Insurance Company   800-527-3907
Gulfstream Insurance Company   866-485-3005
Heritage Property & Casualty   855-415-7120
Homeowner’s Choice Ins Co   866-324-3138
Infinity Auto Insurance   800-334-1661
Mapfre Insurance   888-962-7373
Mercury Insurance   800-503-3724
MetLife   800-854-6011
Mount Beacon Insurance   844-279-7314
Nationwide FLOOD Insurance   800-421-3535
Olympus Insurance   866-281-2242
People’s Trust Insurance Co   877-333-1230
Prepared Insurance Company   877-313-1824
Progressive Insurance   800-274-4499
Safeco Insurance   800-332-3226
Sawgrass Mutual Insurance Co   877-853-4430
Security First Insurance Company   877-581-4862
Southern Fidelity Property & Casualty   866-722-4995
Southern Oak Insurance Company   877-900-2280
St. Johns Insurance Company   800-748-2030
Stillwater Insurance Co   800-220-1351
The Hartford Insurance Company   800-243-5860
Tower Hill Insurance Company   800-342-3407
Tower Hill FLOOD Insurance   877-254-6819
Travelers Insurance Company   800-252-4633
United Property & Casualty Ins Co   888-256-3378
Universal Property & Casualty Ins   800-470-0599
Universal Insurance Co North America   866-999-0898
Velocity Risk Underwriters   844-878-2567
Weston Insurance   877-505-3040
Wright Flood Insurance   800-725-9472