Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Workers compensation insurance provides financial coverage for worker-related injuries. The injuries must occur at the workplace. They also must have some relation to the work an individual does. In some cases, carpal tunnel syndrome falls under these requirements. From an employer's standpoint, what does this mean for you?

Does Your Job Require Repetitive Work?

Carpal tunnel syndrome develops in the wrist. A small passageway for nerves called the carpal tunnel begins to close up. This creates pain and inflammation due to the nerve damage. Many times, the condition requires surgery. It may create long-term and chronic pain. The most common cause of it is repetitive type work.

As workers spend more time at desks and on computers, the threat of developing a repetitive stress injury like this is more common than ever. Generally, any motion done over and over again throughout the day can cause this type of injury to occur. Here are some examples:

  • Typing
  • Using a cash register
  • Factory work
  • Pressing objects
  • Pushing objects
  • Using food equipment

In these situations, an individual may develop pain and discomfort. Initially, treatment may involve resting the area and using a brace. Over time, more invasive treatment may be necessary. Surgery can relieve some of the stress here.

How Does Workers Compensation Insurance Apply?

Workers compensation insurance may apply if a carpal tunnel injury occurs due to work-related tasks.

Does the employee spend a lot of time doing the same thing? This can increase the chance of developing this condition. If a worker states they need to file a claim for this type of loss, be sure to complete necessary documentation. Your workers compensation insurance company will need this information to process the claim.

Can you reduce the risks of employees developing this condition? This depends on the type of work you do. You may need to implement policies in which workers perform tasks for only a short amount of time before taking a break. Or, you may require the use of supportive braces to eliminate risks of carpal tunnel or similar injuries.

Once a claim occurs on your workers compensation insurance policy, it is up to the employee to show proof of the relation of the injury to the work tasks. However, recognizing these risks is important. It may help you prevent further work-related injuries to your employees. Your Fulton Agency representative can provide some insight into your options. Get in touch today!

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