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Maybe your family got a new furry friend at the beginning of the year. Or perhaps you're taking your pet to a new house when you move.

Yes, your pet is a member of the family. However, your pet is also still an animal with wild tendencies. Even domesticated animals might cause damage in your home. With that in mind, it's important to check if your homeowners insurance policy will cover damage your pet causes to others.

Pet Bite Liability Insurance

You love your pet, and you take good care of it. Still, no matter how much you nurture the pet, it still could cause harm others in certain situations. Even your wonderful, loving cat or dog could injure you or someone else if provoked. Often, such incidents are merely instinctive, and not a measure of the pet's character. Still, accidental or not, these injuries could be serious.

For example, imagine that your dog bites a visitor to your home when trying to play. The bite might be severe, and the injured person would likely have to seek medical care as a result. The treatment, lost time at work, and other inconveniences might cost that person a lot of money. And they might sue you to recoup some of those costs.

This is where pet liability insurance might come in handy. It can help you get the money to compensate a third party if your pet causes bodily injuries them or causes them property damage. Many home insurers understand that even the best-behaved pets can cause damage. They include this coverage to help you in these instances.

Technical Aspects of Coverage

Getting pet liability coverage on your homeowners insurance requires time and research. You should talk to your insurance agent about the best way to get this protection.

  • Depending on your policy or state of residence, you might not be able to get this coverage on a standard policy. You might need to invest in umbrella insurance to expand liability limits to your pet.
  • Some homeowners policies exclude coverage for certain breeds. For example, more aggressive types of dogs might not have coverage. Additionally, many policies do not cover exotic pets. Therefore, if you have certain animals as pets, tell your insurer. They can help you determine if breed exclusions exist on your policy.
  • Even if you have pet liability insurance, keep your pet and your guests in safe situations. That way, you can help ensure the pet does not pose a heightened risk for excessive harm. Monitor your pet's behavior, and know when to step in and deescalate any situation.

Pet liability insurance is a worthwhile option for many homeowners. If you have questions about the coverage you need, contact Fulton Agency today.

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