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Broward County's proximity to the Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean makes it a prime spot for water sports. Thousands of Floridians take part in such activities as deep-sea fishing and lobstering. Supplying the equipment for these tasks might prove profitable if you open a bait and tackle shop. Still, your store will pose safety risks. What can you do to keep your customers safe in your space?

Understanding The Risks In Fishing Stores

Fishing goods stores sell a variety of items to help sportsmen. These might include tackle, fishing spears, life jackets, live bait, and even fresh fish.

Remember that many of the items in your stock might prove harmful to your customers. The arrangement of these items in the store might endanger clients from the moment they walk in the door. The store's environment itself might even present hazards at every turn.

Let's say a client steps on a fish hook that fell off the shelf. Or, perhaps, they slip on mud someone tracked into the store on their boots. In either case, the injuries that might result could make you cringe.

The injured party might blame the business. They could claim that you were negligent in creating a safe environment. They might even sue you.

When accidents like these happen, general liability insurance might come into play. Coverage helps businesses pay for the damage they might cause to third parties. It often includes bodily injury coverage as well. So, if someone gets hurt in the store, you can avoid paying for their losses out-of-pocket.

Preventing Store Injuries

It is better to avoid a customer injury than it is to file a liability insurance claim. That's because the more claims you file, the higher your risk profile will get. Therefore, you might have to pay more for your business insurance premium. What can you do, instead, to make your store safer?

  • Keep your floors and walkways clear and dry. Walk through the store a few times a day, and clear away any obstructions. Use Wet Floor and other hazard signs as needed. Place non-skid rugs on the floor.
  • Store all your stock appropriately. For example, don't place poisons or fishhooks in areas where children can easily grab them.
  • Ensure weapons and other high-value items are kept under lock and key. Provide these items by request only.
  • Follow all Florida's regulations on business safety. This will help you stay in compliance and avoid regulatory trouble.

Usually, attention to detail will prove your saving grace. If you can recognize potential injury risks, then you can often do more to prevent them. Start today, and your liabilities might drop significantly.

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