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Office workers may seem to be in a very safe job. They come into an area that is rarely hard to navigate. There do not seem to be many hazards. Yet, repetitive injuries are a common concern — even in these workplaces. Injuries from standing too long or improper posture can lead to workers compensation claims. You can avoid this in your office by improving ergonomics. What does that mean?

What To Focus On For Improved Comfort

Improving office space ergonomics is more than just making a space more comfortable. It allows for reduced pressure and compaction of the musculoskeletal system in the body. That is, it helps to support the joints, muscles, and bones properly.

As a result, it helps minimize injury risks to this area. It also can help to reduce stress and fatigue. As a result, your office workers are less likely to suffer from injury. And, they'll tend to be more productive long term.

How To Improve Ergonomics – Here's Where To Start

The goal is to provide supportive solutions within every office space. Customize this to fit the specific needs of your organization. These tips can get you started.

  • Invest in ergonomically designed chairs for your team. These chairs help ensure people sit upright while at work. They also provide support for the lower back and the hips. This helps reduce stress on these areas.
  • Ensure your workers' arms are fully supported. This means installing arm rests along the path where the arms are on a computer. Encourage proper typing habits, too. By supporting the wrists, it is possible to reduce damage there.
  • Keep track of computer monitor positions. Computer monitors should not require the user to turn their head at a 90-degree angle. Instead, be sure they align evenly with the individual's shoulders for ample support. You do not want your employees to turn their head and neck too frequently.
  • Control screen glare. This glare can slow down your team. It can also create potential damage to the eyes over long periods of time.
  • Place supportive mats under the feet of those who spend a lot of time on their feet. These anti-fatigue mats can help reduce much of the tension that otherwise builds in the legs and joints.

It is often possible to file a claim through your workers compensation insurance policy when someone suffers these types of injury. However, taking steps to prevent them in the first place is always the better option.

Your Fulton Agency representative can help you to pinpoint areas of concern as well. Contact us today for more information.

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