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"We have not had a hurricane in South Florida in a long time, so why are my insurance costs going up?" I get this question all the time. Insurance rates are not all about if we have a hurricane or not, although it plays a part in the rate calculations. Lately, we are seeing rapidly escalating home insurance rates. READ MORE >>

Business owners must take steps to protect their company from claims made against it. If your employee makes a mistake, you may know your business insurance policy is there to help. But, what about hired contractors? And what about vendors? These groups of people may be vital to your business. READ MORE >>

Boating can be a lot of fun when everything goes right, but it's not uncommon for boats to break down. This might happen right next to the dock or miles and miles out into the water. If an incident does occur, whether it is an equipment breakdown or an accident, you'll need a tow. But towing can cost an arm and a leg. READ MORE >>

Fulton Agency, Inc. SM is excited to announce that effective November 7th, 2016, we have moved our North Florida Office to a new and bigger location! Our new address in Ocala is 1701 NE 42 Avenue #401, Ocala, FL 34470. The office condo is located on Highway 40 (E. READ MORE >>

Investing in business insurance makes good financial sense. Most companies recognize the risks they face when confronted with a fire or a lawsuit. However, it only takes only a single incident like this to see just how financially devastating it can be. One simple and affordable way to protect your company is to purchase BOP insurance. READ MORE >>

The short answer is yes! Let me tell you what happened to Jessie & Roberta. Jessie and Roberta had a minor pipe leak under their kitchen sink; the plumber they hired urged them to call a Public Adjuster (PA). I am sure the plumber didn't tell them he was paid a finder's fee in excess of $1000 for referring them. READ MORE >>

You can't remember the last time there was a flood in your area. Yet, since your neighborhood is classified as a high-risk area, you also know your home insurance policy doesn't provide you with financial protection against floods. With these factors in mind, you might wonder if you really need to purchase flood insurance. READ MORE >>

Hurricanes are powerful storms that have the capability of causing massive amounts of destruction in their wake. Being that hurricane season lasts from June to November, we're smack in the middle of the time frame when these storms are most likely to occur. READ MORE >>

Plenty of bikers take pride in riding and displaying their motorcycles. One way to show pride in the investment you've put into your bike is to protect it with motorcycle insurance. But even though motorcycle insurance is vital (and typically required by law), you don't have to settle for paying high premiums for good coverage. READ MORE >>

When storms roll through your area, they can cause a significant amount of damage to your home and surrounding structures. For example, a tree can be struck by lightning, fall to the ground and damage your fence in the process. When this happens, you likely have a great deal of loss to overcome, including the cleanup of the tree and the damage to your fence. READ MORE >>

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